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Raison d’être IAD

Why Art? Because … just because

In 2004 artist Chris MacClure conceived of and initiated International Artist Day with the sole purpose of honoring, celebrating and bringing to awareness, the contributions artists, both past and present, have made to our humanity.

A lofty task indeed, but ironically it was made possible by the innovative minds of the tech artists who brought the internet to life.  More examples, both historic and contemporary can be made of artists who have given their talents to benefit mankind in general and it is this creative spirit that MacClure would have the world acknowledge on Oct. 25th.

Whether painting, sculpting, writing, composing or entertaining, artists express and represent human qualities both sublime and enduring.  The joy of artistic expression does much to mitigate the hard lines drawn by material acquisitiveness which is the state of consciousness we find most in our world.  Cultural endeavors must be nurtured and treasured, for society would be unbearable without the tempering effects art brings to our life.

Noted creative people have a responsibility to inspire, educate and bring awareness of the value art has in ones’ life and to set examples for the rest to follow.  International Artist Day is an excellent tool to help facilitate this awareness process and the website has gained world-wide acknowledgment from artists, countries, cities, schools and has made inroads with mainstream galleries, art dealers and collectors.  The IAD website offers a wide range of ideas to help artists find ways to raise awareness for themselves and their communities and IAD encourages and asks artists to participate and help inspire new ways to raise awareness of the arts.

If just one artist through perseverance, patience and courage can take an idea and move it onto the world stage in just 10 years, just imagine the impact a million artists can have on our planet, for now and the future.

Marilyn Hurst


“Nothing changes if nothing changes!”

“Nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so!”  “As you think, so it is for you!” These are just some of those sneaky and innocuous statements inspired by history’s great creative geniuses and philosophers that can have tremendous power for transformation.  However, these and other life changing anecdotes and bon mots will do nothing for an individual, unless one quietly and studiously ponders and chews on these, oftentimes for years and then works with them until they become personal.

The ancient wisdom schools were built on the premise that conventional and outmoded lines of thinking and being had to be radically cut away before any real change could take place in an individual’s experience.  Students of these schools were sequestered from mainstream life and taught by their teachers for years and even then, only a few were able to advance to the higher degrees where they could eventually grasp enough to share their wisdom with others.  It’s hard for the human being to realize that a lot of behavior and thinking is merely repetitive and it takes tremendous insight to change habits, modes of thought, concepts and beliefs that have been so ingrained both personally and culturally.

A beginning can be made by just changing one habit, one belief or idea or trying something entirely new.  Do something totally out of character or explore something different, anything that will go against deep-rooted and customary behavior.  It’s not easy to do, but while you’re on vacation, away from everyday routine, this can be a catalyst for change for yourself.  After all, “a change is as good as a rest!”  Once again another quote and sweet reminder that “life is more than meets the eye.”

Art is a wonderful window into your psyche and soul.  You don’t need a degree in art or a course in art appreciation to enjoy the benefits art can bring into your life. Art taps into the deepest recesses of our subconscious minds.  There is a common thread that runs through all people and fine art and great music or literature is the tapestry that tells us the tale.  Stand in front of a masterpiece and just feel what the artist wanted to express when it was painted and you’ll know that “a picture can speak 1000 words” without a word being said.  The trials, tribulations and triumphs of mankind are hanging in the great galleries because fine art is the great equalizer.  Love is love; pain is pain; relationships between people or countries or any human condition and emotion can be found within any culture and during any time in history of our world.

To experience these interactions on a more personal level, your present and future travels can be made even more enjoyable by the art you bring home.  Haunting the galleries and studios for that perfect piece will bring hours of pleasure and excitement to your holiday.  Your home will be enhanced by your art purchases and bring your travel experiences and the emotional connection your art invokes back to memory time and again.

Anything worthwhile in life must be cultivated and nurtured.  You can learn much about a country by viewing it through the eyes of its artists; the differences and the similarities. Artists are alchemists that transform our emotions, archetypal ideas and the beauty around us into frozen moments of time.

The best criteria for buying art is, buy what appeals and excites you.  You are the best judge of what you like, but be open for anything.  It’s amazing what might jump out at you and this is the joy that art collectors feel when they stumble across a piece of art that totally takes them by surprise.  Somehow synchronicity connected that particular artist with the collector and a “love affair” with the art is born.  Artists need devoted art lovers in order to survive in a profession, which by its nature is quiet, introspective and creative, in a world that is getting noisier and busier.

Collecting art can be as creatively exciting as making it and is a wonderful connection with your inner self awareness.

Marilyn Hurst