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The nature of artistic inspiration is elusive.

Mainstream visibility is rare for most artists, relatively speaking over the long course of history few have had success in their era. Exceptions are Leonardo da Vinci, Michaelangelo, William Blake, Rembrandt, Rubens, just the tip of the iceberg creativity-wise, but in our contemporary time, recognized all over the world as inspired artists. In their time, they were also celebrities within their own circle of influence. Had telecommunication been available then, artists like these would have likely reached even greater global status and a wider audience.

Painters in our modern world are now faced with a great opportunity to share some of their inspired visions with the world through; originals, lithography, Gicleé fine art iris prints, and internet exposure. Inspired art doesn’t happen everyday, so when it does everyone wants to share it. Without the opportunity to reproduce master works, visual artists are not able to “share to the same degree” as musicians or authors.

Through online distribution musicians can easily spread their work to a global audience. The original score is retained by the artist and copyrighted, but the music can be enjoyed by millions. Authors, in the same way, introduce their work to the world at large through professional and self publishing. Because of the inroads musicians and writers have made, it is now possible and acceptable for painters to use the same criteria that these other artists have enjoyed.

21st century art, in general, will undergo tremendous transformation as technology becomes more fine-tuned. It will benefit collectors and artists alike. Art is becoming more readily available available to everyone, and through the medium of fine art printing, artists can reach a wider audience. Reproductions give the artist time to do better and more inspired work. Printing technology has progressed to where the quality sometimes surpasses the image. However, even professional artists recognize that not every painting is a masterpiece and needs to be replicated.

The fine art publishing market is as varied as the recording and publishing industry. Quality can range from a corner grocery store copy machine to the finest continuous tone large format printers. Professional artists tend to use canvas or paper and inks that will best replicate their original work, and they take pride in the quality they can achieve in their reproductions.

Internet technology has opened new doors for all types of artists. Artists can now easily deliver a virtual presentation of their studio to the world. The applications for fine art are as infinite as the taste and style of the artist.

In honor of all artists and their contribution to societies throughout the world, a special day, October 25th has been officially designated as INTERNATIONAL ARTIST DAY – (Pablo Picasso’s birthday). If you would like more information please visit the official IAD website: www.internationalartistday.com

We encourage everyone to participate everyday in honoring artists by visiting galleries, studios, and collecting art for enjoyment and inspiration.

Marilyn Hurst

2 thoughts on “About the IAD

    1. Hi Colin,

      Thanks for dropping in and saying hello.

      I took a look at your site. You have really interesting style. Enjoyed browsing through your acrylics, oils and watercolours at http://www.colinbellart.com/

      Do we have a show? Yes, a few of them in fact. Some shows we host from our hometown in White Rock BC, but many others throughout the year are hosted by artists like yourself and a variety of galleries and art organisations around the world.

      The official International Artist Day is October 25, Picasso’s birthday, so things start to heat up for us in the latter part of the year.

      There is no membership. All you have to do is attach yourself to one of the celebrations in your area, or get something rolling yourself.

      Thank again for saying hello Colin.

      IAD Partner

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