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2016 Flagship Event in White Rock BC

For the last 12 years we’ve celebrated for only one single day a year …
October 25th. – Picasso’s birthday to pay him tribute.

This year, we’re celebrating for the entire MONTH of October!

Throughout October we’re hosting a POP UP Gallery/Studio Space on
the main street of White Rock BC … 1459 Johnston Rd.

We’re throwing a Gala Celebration on October 25th
with our popular 12″x12″ Anonymous Show.

Throughout the month we’ll host Fine Art Photography, plus have
Fireside Chats about the Art Scene, Door Prizes, Wine Parties …

We’ll talk about painting, photography, writing
and maybe sculpting, glass, ceramics, music, et al.

We’ll have interesting discussions for ARTISTS too
about developing style and effective branding techniques.

Drop by throughout the month and see some of the tools artists use.
Some artists might even share their style secrets and social media strategies.

For the first time since its inception in 2004, International Artist Day has a partner.

IAD Founder Chris MacClure announced Maurice Cardinal has become an equal partner and together they will work towards increasing the visibility of the IAD and of artists around the world!

Maurice, Director of Marketing & Promotions has over four decades of experience promoting the arts in a wide variety of forms including music, photography, videography and writing.

Maurice is also an accomplished fine art photographer, business writer, and musician.

Maurice Cardinal BIO

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