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Literature is an expression of individual reflection and emotion developed through a creative process.

Writers share experiences, interpretations, and perceptions through a medium that channels their intellectual and imaginative abilities. It is an expression of their relationship to the world.

The list of great writers is endless, and includes William Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Harper Lee, Emily Brontė and many more.

Great manuscripts like Don Quixote, Robinson Crusoe, Dangerous Liaisons, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Scarlet Letter, Alice's Adventures In Wonderland and countless more capture the imagination of young and old.

We work hard to help raise the visibility of contemporary writers who are striving to reach a wider audience and impact people in a way similar to classic authors of a past era.

IAD Fine Art Shows can include a variety of music genres mixed with other artistic disciplines.

It's important to define focus though, so you can better attract the correct artists and well matched sponsors and buyers.

Good artists are busy, which means you have to contact them well in advance if you'd like them to grace your show. Sponsors are selective, which means they need to feel comfortable their brand is represented properly. And Buyers need special and individual attention.

Choosing a show location is also critically important. The space needs to reflect the quality of art.

In order to attract a buying crowd you need to offer something exciting and exclusive. There are many run-of-the-mill "Art Shows" that "water down" the market by providing mostly generic offerings and lackluster artists.

IAD Shows are different.

We attract not only local buyers, but also an international following, which means our standards reflect a global perspective and quality. Artists who exhibit at our local shows are carefully vetted. They choose only their best pieces to showcase knowing it will be seen globally by a discerning audience.

Saying that, the IAD is also instrumental in helping YOUTH and new artists further their artistic endeavors.

We not only promote new artists through our online community and networks, we provide BURSURIES in our region so young artists can be inspired to grow and learn.

At an IAD Show buyers see not only the best art in the region from the BEST Fine Artists, but also the Best Art of New and Upcoming Artists.

It is in these new artists where progressive purchases can be made by art investors who have the experience and clarity to recognize a future star.